Rural Health Collaboratives

Local health collaboratives are multi-sector coalitions that work together to understand the health and health care needs of a particular county or community and build linkages across service delivery partners to achieve the triple aim of better quality, better health, and lower costs.

California Community for Rural Health Improvement seeks to support these local health collaboratives. We want to share the knowledge, challenges, and resources across collaboratives and across the state to raise the voices of rural communities and build a strong movement for Rural Health Improvement.

Rural Health Collaborative Priorities and Strategies

The following documents offer some examples of the priorities and strategic efforts of CCRHI member collaboratives to improve rural community health.

Assessing Community Health Needs/Gaps:

CCRHI Member Map

The map below shows the makeup of California’s urban and rural counties. Rural Counties are those in which 80% or more of land mass is designated MSSA Rural. The counties marked with a start are represented by CCRHI member collaboratives.