Southern California Regional Rural Health Convening, July 26th in San Bernardino

This convening will bring together rural health system partners, including the Rural Task Force that has been developing to address the rural health system needs. Hosted by the Community Health Association Inland Southern Region, the convening to be held on July 26th will offers an opportunity to learn about successes, challenges and threats in the shifting policy landscape from all healthcare industries and develop strategies to navigate potential changes to rural.

For more information on the event view the event flyer here..



Regional Convenings to Discuss Health Care 2017 for Rural California

A coalition of organizations focused on rural health care in California is sponsoring three regional convenings to discuss the policy landscape for rural health, reflect on impact of the ACA on rural health systems and identify strategies to navigate potential changes. The event dates are:

  • Central Valley: March 16, 2017
  • Northern California: March 20, 2017
  • Southern California: Date TBD

Visit the CCRHI events page for more information and to register today.

Download the registration flyer to share.

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Webinar

Today CCRHI hosted a successful webinar with staff from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. Thank you to all of our CCRHI collaborative members who participated. This is the first in what we hope will be many webinars that explore strategies to improve the health of your rural communities. To view the meeting recording and slides visit the CCRHI Events page.

New Financial Analysis of Rural Health Center Sustainability

Capital Link, in collaboration with Health Alliance of Northern California, prepared an analysis of key financial and operational indicators for rural community health centers in a 10-county region of Northeastern California. Some of the key findings of the report include:

  • Health centers in the region experienced growth in the Medi-Cal patient population, increasing from 27% of total patients in 2011 to 38% in 2014. This shift is financially significant, however the region has a relatively smaller Medi-Cal population compared to other more urban areas in the state (CA FQHCs overall had an average of 56% Medi-Cal), which puts these health centers at a comparative financial disadvantage.
  • The median payer mix for health centers in the region also differs from statewide averages in terms of higher Medicare and privately insured patient populations (Medicare made up 19% of patients for Rural health centers v.s. 5% CA FQHCs overall). Medicare patients represent an older demographic, which is typically a more clinically complex and expensive population to manage.
  • Health centers in the region experienced a recent improvement in patient growth of 4.3% in 2014, exceeding even the median growth rate for their statewide peers (3.6%).
  • In 2014, the median operating margin for the group of rural health centers in Northern California was 1.0%, or just above a break even performance level (as compared to 2.8% for peers in CA).

View the full report on the Resources page.

Accountable Health Communities

CCRHI was excited to review the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative request for proposals (RFP). This opportunity gets to the heart of building local efforts to address the social determinants of health that exert so much influence on the health of our rural communities.

The Accountable Health Community model seeks to build partnerships between the health care system and communities.

Local health collaboratives are well suited to support the coordination between community services and health systems outlined in this opportunity. Continue reading