About Us

California Community for Rural Health Improvement is a new organization designed to connect and leverage the relationships within rural communities across California.


CCRHI serves as a lead organizer and community health planner for rural California.

CCRHI promotes networking of health collaboratives that generate collective impact and a strong voice for rural California.
Rural health collaboratives that have voted to participate with us include:
  • Shasta Health Assessment and Redesign Collaborative
  • Siskiyou Health Collaborative
  • Highway 299 Collaborative

Are you a member of a local health collaborative in a rural community? Or are you interested in starting a health collaborative in your community? We can help. Contact us for more information about becoming a member.

The following organizations have expressed their support for CCRHI:
  • Alliance for Rural Community Health
  • California Primary Care Association
  • Health Alliance of Northern California
What is Collective Impact?
A model for engaging and organizing diverse groups towards a common goal. Find more information about this model from the Collective Impact Forum.