CCRHI is a community of collaboratives. We envision bringing together local and regional community health collaboratives to support healthy communities for rural and frontier California. Together, we can bring increased attention to the challenges and needs of our rural communities and work towards rural health improvement.
CCRHI is a strong, community grassroots health organizer, which generates collective impact to improve health outcomes.
As an organization, CCRHI fosters strategic, shared learning, networking, and collaboration among local health efforts for rural and frontier California. Our partners are focused on:
  • developing health care leadership for change,
  • increasing access to care in their communities, and
  • strengthening local health care systems by using collaborative strategies that catalyze change and break down silos.

At CCRHI, we believe that there are some key factors for success of local health planning efforts, these include:

  • STRONG LEADERSHIP: Alliances are guided by people in leadership roles at their institutions and are led in their formation by strong facilitators.
  • STRONG RELATIONSHIPS: In addition to achieving programmatic goals, alliances are convened to build relationships among key players in the health system.
  • ACTION-ORIENTED: With or without staff, health alliances rely on project or subject specific task teams to fulfill the alliance’s goals and work plans.
  • NEUTRAL CONVENER: Alliances serve as neutral ground to bring together many stakeholders within their communities to spark partnership and joint planning for rural health improvement.
If you are part of a local health collaborative in a rural or frontier California community, please consider joining us. We are working to build shared tools and technical assistance resources, we are planning to bring local health collaboratives together for shared learning, and we are striving to align our voices to increase attention to our efforts in California.